Galactic Weapon Systems

About GWS

Galactic Weapon Systems was formed on Year 12 Day 171 by James Were and Kerian Modun. But the company had a lot of help to start off by Kuro Neko. James got the inspiration to form a weapons company from after his friend owner of Merr-Sonn Tech. Troucei Laruse. James worked for Troucei in early Year 12. He liked that job but then James saw a new faction opened named Blastech. They were in Trax very far from where he was working. So James left his job and joined Blastech. Shortly after he met Kuro Neko. Kuro gave James the opportunity to form his own company. So he left Blastech contacted his friend Kerian Modun and told him he wanted to start a company. So later that year they founded Galactic Weapon Systems.