Galactic Weapon Systems


This page contains all the products that we sell. Galactic Weapon Offers a nice list of weapons and station Consturction. We also offer custom orders. Contact James Ices for Station Construction and custom orders.

Below is what weapons we offer at this time

All credits will sent to James Ices. Half the order price will have to be sent before production of the order can start. The other half after order is finished.



**Public Sales are Closed*

**Pre-orders only**


 Bryar Pistol: 50,000 each or 650,000 Per batch


Bryar Rifle: 100,000 each or 800,000 Per batch


DH-17: 50,000 each or 500,000 per batch


DL-44: 75,000 each or 975,000 per batch


Swords: 40,000 each or 300,000 per batch


You can place an order here: